I was born as a Sunday child on January 21 under the sign of Aquarius.

Already as a child I sang songs to my parents for hours, later then during my school time I sniffed stage air for the first time.

Like many artists I learned a civil profession. In my case it was the creative profession of a dressmaker. We women still love fashion. And so I spent valuable time as a saleswoman in a boutique, where I worked for a long time. I think especially the ladies world will understand me here.

My curiosity for knowledge led me to seminars ranging from nutritional counseling to card reading until the moment when I completely immersed myself in the world of music and listened to an artist named Shania Twain. From that point on, I knew I had finally arrived, in search of that which fulfills me deep in my soul.

Then came that special day when I managed to touch people with my voice.

From that moment on I decided to work only for music and to make my art my profession.

I devoured every little straw of knowledge that I could afford. In the process I got to know many valuable companions as a studio singer, author and composer such as: Christian Maier, Andreas Gabalier, Kurt Keinrath, Walter Reischl, Hubert Molander, Waterloo, Steirerbluat, Huby von den Mölltalern, Monika Martin, Silvio Samoni, Mike Werner, and many more.

My debut single “Was Liebe ist” (Was Liebe ist) was played on five ORF radio stations in 2005 on and played. “Liebe für die Ewigkeit” reached number 7 in Media Control in Austria in January 2009, followed by “Sieben Schritte” in 2011 where I scored big in the DJ charts. Only the real break through remained denied me. In 2015 I started a new attempt with the album “Wendepunkt” and again I was still very far from the goal.

In 2016 I decided to go the Shania Twain – way, which was the trigger of my artistic career. With Kurt Keinrath, better known as the guitar virtuoso of the EAV, I fulfilled a heart’s desire: to produce a country album once.

In August 2016, Werner Schneeweiß from 3selectmusic joined me, with whom I already very successfully realized the 3select EMX of “Sieben Schritte” in 2011. In the process, Werner almost drove me crazy as a manager & mentor, because he asked me weighty questions that no one had ever asked me before and the result to my answers is the final album “Don’t give up` including all the modest details of the cover, logo, PR- text and a “I don’t need a man” – 3select 3d vision.

With the album “Don’t give up” I say many thanks to all valuable companions, fans and friends who believe in me.

My next step in my music career now leads me to the USA to Nashville / Tennessee where country music is at home.